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News and Updates

Animal Research Project  

This past quarter, my ESOL students in grades 3-5 worked on researching animals.  They picked animals, then wrote essays and created these nifty lapbooks to show their learning.

Announcement Image for Animal Research Project

[3rd Grade] Dolphins & Porpoises  

Some of my 3rd grade students have been learning all about how dolphins and porpoises are alike and different.  Their work is posted right outside my classroom!

Algunos de mis estudiantes de 3er grado han estado aprendiendo todo sobre cómo los delfines y las marsopas son iguales y diferentes. Su trabajo se publica justo fuera de mi aula!

Announcement Image for [3rd Grade] Dolphins & Porpoises

Want to see how your child is doing in my class?  

This year I am using Google Classroom with my 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students.  If you are a parent and would like to see inside our Google Classroom, let me know!

Este año estoy usando Google Classroom con mis estudiantes de 3er, 4to y 5to grado. Si eres un padre y te gustaría ver dentro de nuestro Google Classroom, avísame!

Announcement Image for Want to see how your child is doing in my class?