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Summer Reading List 

5th Grade Summer Reading List 

East Lake Elementary 

This is the fifth grade summer reading list. As educators, we realize that it may be difficult for you to locate the books on our reading list, so we have created a reading list from our Storia website. Your child has been using Storia at East Lake Elementary for the last several years, so they should know their login information. Go to and type in the title of the book and the level. After your child reads the book, there is an online quiz that they need to take to assess their learning. Also, we are asking students to complete a reading response for each text that they finish. Students will be given credit for completing these assignments. Attached is a reading response rubric to help them complete this part of their summer reading assignment. 

Student's must choose 6 books to read throughout the summer. Four of the books are coded with an asterisk (**). These books are a requirement and need to be read since they go along with fifth grade social studies. 

**If you do not have computer or internet access, you can go to your local public library and use their computers. 


1. Chasing Evil: Level T 

2. Floors #1: Level S 

3. **Fredrick Douglass (A True Book): Level S 

4. Grimm's Fairy Tales: Level T 

5. **Harriet Tubman (A True Book): Level S 

6. I am #11: Walt Disney: Level S 

7. The Kid Who Became President: Level S 

8. The Krakatau Eruption (A True Book): Level R 

9. Look Around An Egyptian Tomb: Level T 

10. The One and Only Ivan: Level S 

11. **The Orphan of Ellis Island: Level S 

12. Panic in Pompeii (Secret in the Attic): Level R 

13. Peril at the Pyramids (Secret in the Attic): Level S 

14. **September 11: Then and Now: Level R 

15. The Wright 3: Level T