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ESL Resources
Colorín Colorado

A bilingual site for families and educators of English language learners


Starfall offers free children's phonics resources. There is a special section of kindergarten reading and phonics curriculum.

Breaking News English

These inventive lesson plans teach ESL by drawing inspiration from recent news and global affairs. Packed with information about word usage, grammar, and more.

Games to Learn English

In addition to being a great early-English language resource, Starfall is also home to many games to help students learn English.


Animated picture books online!


Learn about all sorts of topics and subjects through this interactive website (there is also an app)!

ESL Kids World

Grammar games include : Basketall, Football, Walk the Plank, Fling the Teacher, Teacher Invaders, T.V Games and more to help practice grammar.

Hello World

Hello World is a comprehensive ESL resource, offering a variety of games, exercises, interactive activities, and more, with a special section for young children.


This site offers English reading activities, spelling and grammar activities, and online word games and puzzles for children of all ages.

Translation Resources
Google Translate

This website is great for quick, fast translations.  I find it better with short phrases than long.  It also has lots and lots of languages available.


Idiom translation!