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October Newsletter  

Homework Information  


Last week, you child began homework assignments. They will have 2 problems in math, 2 in social studies or science, and 20 minutes of reading to complete daily. On the homework form, there is a place for you to sign that you observed your child reading for twenty minutes (let your child read to you). This is very important that they read each evening to help them build fluency and skill. I usually do not give homework on Friday's because I want them to enjoy their weekend. Please make sure your child is completing their homework and bringing it back to school each morning. 

Weekly Vocabulary Quizzes  


You child is given a weekly vocabulary quiz that contains social studies and vocabulary words that we are currently using in these two subject areas. I have already sent home quizzes for you to review with your child. The quiz should have been signed and returned to me to show that you have viewed their work. If you have not seen these quizzes, please talk to your child about the importance of you knowing how they are performing in the classroom. I understand that children do not always want to admit when they are struggling, but it is very important that you know their struggles and what they need to practice at home. I have already sent home a study guide to help them with their vocabulary words. They should be taking a few minutes to study this each evening.


Weekly Math Fact Quizzes  


Your child is expected to know there math facts from 0 - 12. This is a skill that they have been working on since 3rd grade. I give weekly assessments testing their skills. This is a 5 minute quiz with 50 quick math facts. Please have your child study at home so that they can build fluency in multiplication facts. This is a skill that they will need throughout the rest of their school years.